[Interview] Why? Do not you have a whistle? Meet the Stream human jelly

Human jelly. If you enjoyed the League of Legend, you would have heard about once. LOL has been famous for the ‘fake’ and canyon from the early seasons, and the lol was famous for the solid warrior, and once he debuted in the project. He was informed that he has recently announced his name as a ‘dualistist’ that plays a card game.

Konami’s new card game ‘Master Dual’ is floating, and his ‘dual’ broadcast also has a sacrifice. His broadcasting is the “TG (Tak-Jews)” of the “TG (Tak-Jews) ‘Antinomi, the’ Lyonatter ‘, the Kind of the original animation, and the concept of the original animation of the original animation, It is famous for.

The best master dual streamer is the best master dual streamer and surprisingly dual rouge (ability) had time to talk about master dual with a solid streamer, human jelly.

Q. First, ask for a simple self-introduction.

Human Jelly: Human Jelly to broadcast on the twitch. He recently has a lot of master dual broadcasts.

Q. ‘Human Jelly’ is renowned for the League of Legend Pro player and Solin Warrior. He raised many times to the Challenger, the top rank of the game. His professional life is active as a current streamer after retirement. I am curious about why.

Human Jelly: Pro gamer is short in the lifetime. He started the pro’s life late, and he was retiring for reasons of age. He completed the military service and decided his retirement at the age of 28, and since then, he started his career and the Internet broadcasting began well.

Q. On the twitch, it is already broadcasting for five years. Is there any special reason?

Human Jelly: He is good that he can enjoy a variety of games. It is an optimal platform to broadcast as a game like ‘Master Dual’. It is also useful for functionality such as emoticons.

Q. When the broadcast is finished, it is famous for reading the list of viewers. In recent years, as the viewers increase, they also read quite a long time. I’m curious about why

Human Jelly: Broadcasting is not only viewers, but also a time to get a strimator. I had a pleasure of each other and suffered, and I have something like a time to thank you. I have not been able to be particularly difficult because I have never thought.

Q. Positive broadcasting, a crushed broadcast is known. The alphabet is not well used. Will there be a challenge that keeps it when broadcasting?

Human Jelly: Actually, there is no special rules. (During the broadcast) Written in the above-mile. Instead, it is naturally making an atmosphere rather than suppressing such things. Broadcast is where a variety of people watching. There are many opinions as many as the number of viewers. It is important to consider such a variety of opinions. So I tried to make an atmosphere without making a special rule. Of course, opinions or remarks exceeding the line are sanctions.

Q. So it seems that the broadcast seems to be a positive energy. Can I see why it is broadcasting?

Human Jelly: Yes. It is aimed at broadcasting that can be laughed at a modest society (?). I would also like to see the broadcast as a viewer and get comfortable, and others want to see my broadcast to see my broadcast.

Q. It is mainly broadcast on the twitch (broadcasting at 8 to 9 o’clock). What time do you have a day?

Human Jelly: Sleep (laugh). Actually, I am now a time to interview. Speed only when there is a schedule, or relax, and rest.

Q. Recently, the broadcasting scale is gradually increasing. Is there a goal that I want to be a streamer ‘Human Jelly’?

Human Jelly: There is nothing big. Watching the broadcast while viewers are seeking a relaxing, a broadcast that can be enjoyable. Personally, there is a small goal that the individual channel subscriber is about to have a broadcast viewer.

Q. Konami’s master dual, recently boomed. What is the “Master Dual”?

Human Jelly: Card Games! I enjoyed a card game since I usually enjoyed Dual Links in relation to ‘Yu-hee King’. ‘Yu-hee King’ series has memories of animation, and it became naturally entered the master dual.

q. One of the streats representing the master dual on the twitch. She is wondering why the master dual on the card game is mainly broadcasted.

Human Jelly: Master Dual is a game based on comic book, an animation original ‘Yu-hee King’. The original cartoon, the people who enjoyed the animation are now 2 to 30 now. (Master Dual) I think that people who have a childhood animation’s memories are easily enjoyable. Do you think it’s like a recent ‘Pokemon Bread’?

From the time I was a child, I liked the animation and the card game, and I remembered that memory, and the anime character was broadcasted as a concept. These concepts and memories are engaged in a good response for viewers.

Q. Could it be an animated ‘concept deck (romantec, a lunar deck, a certain concept or theme)?

Human Jelly: Yes. I liked the original animation, and I naturally took care of the deck of characters naturally. At first I started interesting, and now I have been broadcasting a variety of concepts and animated theme decks. I am thinking that I would like to deal with more concepts if possible.

Q. If you see the deck that you are using, you can also write a deck with concepts and practicality, such as’ Newron La (Raipei Ryong + Numeron Deck (La’s Ikine Ryok + NumeRon Deck). Is there a secret to balancing between ‘romance’ and ‘practice’?

Human Jelly: Concept deck and romance deck are achieved to a certain level of game. A lot of custom theme decks and concept decks are mixed. There are many ‘Newon’ and the necessary cards that can fly a room with a small hand, but it is a formula that combines the strong ‘La’ s Ikin Ryok ‘if the condition is equipped.

However, there are quite a lot of decks that failed to show the deck that I decided to actually roll before showing on the air. I hope that the experiment does not always succeed (laugh).

Q. What is good if you choose only one of the decks (concept decks) and the risk (tier deck, and risk deck)? I am curious about the idea of human jelly.

Human Jelly: I recommend that both are worried. You can first create a deck that you want to win, and create a deck that you want to do. I personally aim to mix my favorite themes and a strong theme to “win as a favorite theme”.

Q. If so, what dok is good for master dual beginners?

Human Jelly: Did you see a cartoon, depending on what did you do. If you encountered a manga or animation and you have entered a master dual to try to feel the memories, you can also create a deck of your favorite character first. But if you want to grab a sense of games to some extent, we recommend ‘El Drich’ deck. Nostalties can be easily operated and strong.

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Q. Recently, a platinum 1 was taken as a recent resonator deck (Red Demon Deck). Unlike the images that make the romance deck, ‘dual gees (ability)’ seems to be solid. There seems to be a viewer who wants to see the “this ability” of human jelly, which plays with a strong deck.

Human Jelly: The current master dual is easy to reach the maximum rank (rare than other rank system games). I think that the platinum is about 1 hard to get rid of it.

However, it is different that the homemade theme deck is. There are many parts to be careful from the deck building, and the power is weaker than the mainstream decks. Rather than winning to tier deck, you think that it is better and better to make a handmade concept (theme) deck. So it seems that there is no (tier deck) on the air.

Q. There was also a “Drite Ron”, “Phantom Knights”, which has dislike the “Tierek”.

Human Jelly: I think it is a little too much to be created by the unrecognized field with a minute to the destination. However, the part would like the concept deck, rather than dislike the ‘Tierek’, and some remarks would have not been a reaction for the fun of the broadcast, and I would not have misunderstood. They are also Rispect.

Q. I actually achieved 11 consecutive wins of the concept of concept decks during the broadcast

Human Jelly: It is not aiming for a while. I have prepared the deck as usual, and I played the game, and luckily achieved a winning win. ‘Why are you winning, “he continued the game while he was achieving more than 10 winners.

Q. At the end of the effort, the Lezonator (Red Demon deck) achieved a platinum 1. Do you have to challenge other themes?

Human Jelly: Animation theme is an idea to challenge anything. If angle comes out of the air, it will challenge the top rank with a variety of decks.

Q. If you have a deck concept that you want to broadcast in the future? Can I tell you a little?

Human Jelly: Currently, we are thinking about the S.R Deck (S.R). If possible, you are thinking about all the theme decks of the master dual.

Q. There are many decks, and you’ll need a lot of gems (in the game) to see all themes. There are many viewers who are wondering the master dual ‘billing solution’ of human jelly.

Human Jelly: I do not know how much. Gem