Koreas first open MSI.

LPL ‘RNG’ of LPL, which has won MSI last year

China (LPL), who lifted the nearest winner, from 2015 to the first time, has opened the likelihood that China (LPL) lifted the closer to half. This is because the schedule is disadvantageous.

League Obe Carrier Global E Sports Competition 2022 Mid Season Invite (MSI) will be held from Busan to 29th of May 10 to 29. This is the first time that MSI is held in Korea, the United States, China, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam and Taiwan, and Iceland.

However, China is likely to be able to do so, and the righteousness was on. MSI is a place where each League spring season championship team gathered in one place. Korea has been confirmed by T1’s advancement of T1, which won the winner of the 2022 LCK Spring. The LPL Spring Championship team did not decide on the continued game.

The remarks of Chinese professional gamers were oiled in the possibility of MSI. LNG (Lining Gauge) ‘Doinby’ Kim Tae-Sang is a “LPL team” in a personal broadcast “is likely to not participate in MSI online,” he said, “If the LPL Spring Championships participated in MSI, “I have to do it.” “If the LPL Somers are finished in a month with Hangzhou Asian Games, they are unable to do each other if they are a rumor that is in a rumor that has a rumor.”

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As such, LPL has a schedule related to China Corona 19 and declares an MSI online participation in the case of MSI online participation, it is inevitable to be strange. There is also a possibility to switch the entire conference online. In the last 2020 MSI canceled, the ‘Midseason Cup (MSC), who held LCK and LPL co-hosted, to solve the fairness of the LCK team, and the LCK team is intentionally raised in various ways, I was here. However, if you are switched online, it is expected to follow the criticism of China.

Even if LPL is absent, it is not very good. In MSI, which was held on June 6, 2015 and 2018, the LPL, which won the three-time winner by 2021, is expected to have a large horridity of many e-sports fans who expected the point when they are absent.

There is also an evaluation that the forefront is marginal. Currently, the LPL Spring Winning Team does not come out, and the official position of the Riost Games is not disclosed. Many eyes have a lot of snow in MSI, which is held in Korea for the first time in May.