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Halos master chief appears in the buff in a new episode

Aureola in Paramount + today launched its third episode, “Emergennce,” and although it included the official filing of Cortana (with Jen Taylor’s voice) on the television series, there was also a slightly surprising revelation: the ass of the master chief of Pablo Schreiber. Yes, completing what he started taking off his helmet in the first episode, Master Chief appears naked in the new episode.

WARNING: There are spoilers for the aureola TV series below, especially the most recent episode, «emergencia».

As for why Master Chief undressed in episode, reasoning was actually teasing in the previous episode. It revealed that there are granules embedded in the Spartans who repress their emotions, which is officially to keep them in a state ready for battle, but effectively prevents them from experiencing things as a normal human would.

In the scene in which the master chief appears naked, he is trying to take off his ball, which apparently is at the base of his backbone on his back. After some initial doubts, Cortana helps him to locate him and eliminate him, after which the master chief begins to feel new feelings before activating the artifact again, which, without pellets, expects him to show him even more.

It is worth noting that, although Master Chief appears absolutely naked in the scene, everything we really see that it would not have been visible if he was wearing a swimsuit is the back of Schreiber with a distant show and a couple of trimmed angles. There is no full front nudity here; Aureola has TV-14 classification, after all.

Master Chief Acting WEIRD Again in Halo TV Show Episode 3 (Halo TV Series Clip)

As noted above, the third episode of the aureola the “emergence” television series is now available in Paramount +. The new episodes in general will be launched on Thursdays. The series is starring Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief, Natascha Macehone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana’s voice, Yerin Ha as Kwan has and more. You can check all our previous coverage of the AUREOLA TV show right here. And you can catch aureola directly in paramount + here.

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