Do My Time AT Sandrock supports controller?

My Time At Sandrock is a continuation of the popular game My Time At Sandrock. In this postpocalyptic world, you as a new builder is entrusted to make the land of the Great again, returning the wonders of modern technologies again. Those who are interested in getting a game in early access on a PC may be wondering if MY Time AT Sandrock has support for the controller.

Is it possible to use the controller for My Time At Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer
Answer and yes, and no. At the moment, an early access assembly for My Time AT Sandrock, available only for KickStarter supporters, has no support for the controller. But when the game came into public early access, Pathea will add complete support for the controller.

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About this on April 16, the developer Pathea was stated in how to report on the problems discussion in the discussions of Steam. The controller support has always been in development, because My Time At Sandrock is released on consoles when it left early access.

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