The sequel and the spin are announced

_ Hypnospace-shaped the creator Jay Tholen announced today that the game will have two follow-ups in the near future! The first of these is coolono de dreams. Time Forjido of hypnospace was established in an alternative version of 1999, the sequel takes place in the same universe, only a few years later. In the game, players will assume the role of a new SleepNet private researcher. In addition to the sequel, a spin-off will be launched starring the popular Zane character, called Slayers X: Aftermath Terminal: the revenge of the murderer. The game is a first-person shooting game that “adapts” Slayers X. Zane comics from Hypnospace_.

The trailer of COLONO of dreams was shared on Twitter by Jay Tholen and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

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The trailer of _Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: the revenge of the Slayer was shared by “Zane” on Twitter and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

On Twitter, Tholen revealed that Zane will also make “an indirect appearance” in Colono de Sueños, but did not provide more details. A fan asked if coolono de dreams “There will be some interaction between the players.” Tholen affirms that this will not be the case in the launch, but the developer has planned the possibility, so it could be implemented at some point in the future. At this time, Colono de Sueños and Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: The revenge of the murderer have only been announced for Steam, but Tholen affirms that the games “eventually” come to consoles, although specific platforms have not been revealed, at the time of Write this article.

For those who are not familiar with -shadow of the hypnospace the game launched for PC in 2019 and was ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by 2020. Forjido from the hypnospace parody Early culture of the Internet, but in a world that players visit Through your dreams. The game put players in the role of a Hynnospace executor responsible for eradicating cybernetic stalkers, punish those who violate the copyright law and more. It will be interesting to see how coolono de dreams expand these concepts and how fanatics also accept Zane’s new adventure.

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