Because of Spider-Man: So the end of Morbius was changed

For a few days Morbius can be seen in the cinemas. Actually, the Marvel movie from Sony is still Spider-Man: No Way Home appear, but the project with the main actor Jared Leto has been moved again and again. In the end, Morbius has ended months after the MCU spidey film in the cinema. That was also consequences for the post-credits scene , as director Daniél Espinosa has revealed in an interview.

Which changes were made to Morbius?

At the end of the film Dr. Michael Morbius on Adrian Toomes Aka Vulture . As with his appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Michael Keaton to see in this role. The path to the Universe of Morbius finds Vulture over a multiverse crack in the sky, for the dr. Strange in No Way Home was responsible. Originally, however, you wanted to make the post-credits scene a little different.

Adrian Tomes should already meet Morbius during the movie. Even in the trailer he was already visible. However, the events of No Way Home made the performance in the main film “too complicated” as Daniél Espinosa reveals in conversation with Uproxx. Among other things, the crack would have to be explained in the sky. Finally, the Vulture laid into the post-credits scene.

MORBIUS Ending Explained: Why is Vulture?

Morbius completely falls through the critics

A rather disappointing impression has left Morbius at the film critics. So the project at Metacrit is only 36 out of 100 points. Also on the cinema mass Morbius could not convince the cinema singers so far. Just a week after the start, the worldwide billboard is $ 86 million. Director Daniél Espinosa has already expressed the miesen critics.

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