ManCity Coach Pep Guardiola sees Atletico

For two coaches that have been showing football for over a decade of Europe, Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone have so far been encountered surprisingly. 2016 Subject Simeone with Atletico FC Bayern with Guardiola in the Champions League semi-finals (1: 0/1: 2), 2012 He underlined Barça Trainer Guardiola in the league with 1: 2 \ – that’s it.

But on Tuesday, if you face each other from 21 pm (live! Bei Subject Simeone) in Manchester to quarterfinals, opposites attractions again: Here Guardiola’s Passport and Ball Observinery Machinery, there Simeone’s intrepid troupe, on passes and ball possession in doubt whistles.


I will not talk about this stupid discussion for a second.

Pep Guardiola

A clash of the game cultures so? Not with Guardiola: “I will not talk about this stupid discussion,” the ManCity coach defeated on Monday when he was asked which style was the “right one”. “Everyone tries to win the game. Win, have you right, we win, we are right.”

Guardiola looks atletico “much more offensive than people think”

In general, the catalans seemed to clean up with some Atletico clichés. “There is a misunderstanding about the way you play,” he reported after his video analysis. “She’s much more offensive than people think.” Although the reigning Spanish champion under construction the risk through the center, “but they have a lot of quality in the last third”.

And the “ugly” side atleticos, the aggressive, theatrical, not always athletic, which belongs to the Simeone football? “We do the same,” claimed Guardiola: “We defend our position.” He will not judge others. But “What’s ugly playing? My team won in Old Trafford and Bernardo Silva spent five minutes on the corner flag. That’s not ugly. It’s the defend of your own position.”

The recurring debate, according to Guardiola, just in the Champions League tactically too much wants and his team stands in the way, he met in front of the quarter-finals with sarcasm: “It would be boring if I always let it play right away. That’s why I think too much after and me stupid tactics. Tomorrow I will apply an incredible: we play to twelve! “