Lost Ark – This is how Lance Master and Destroyer are: all about the new classes arriving next month

After the Bathacazo that meant the launch of Argos due to the little accessible that it was for the players ‘Free to Play‘ of Lost Ark , from Amazon had announced that they would focus on adding more “horizontal contents” to give to the Players some time before the arrival of the great challenges. A commitment that the developer seems willing to fulfill and that he will begin with the arrival of two new classes over the next month. Lance Master (gujista) and destroyer (destroyer) have been announced on the last roadmap to join the game over the next few weeks.

Lance Master, the new class that will arrive in April

The first of the two new classes is one of the most expected by the community. LANCE MASTER is part of the martial artists and will arrive at the Western server at the great update of the month of April , so you should join the game next Thursday 14. In Spanish you will receive The name gujista and it is a character characterized by having two full sets of skills between which it should be changed.

  • Sun Posture (Chief, Red Skills): Less Rating In exchange for greater damage and attack speed. Perfect for PVP.

The goal of this kind is that we are accumulating attacks in a position to immediately use our identity skill and change from weapon. This way we will obtain an important statistical improvement that will help us melt enemies. Lance Master is a class useful in PVE and bright in PVP that has always been in good situation at Korea’s Tier List and that fans do well to wait long. Her skill roof is very high, so choosing the guerca will allow you to be important in each RAID or burst on player against player. Of course, we will cast it in one of our gaps for the characters.

Destroyer, an appointment that you will have to wait until May

Lost Ark New Upcoming Classes | Destroyer, Lance Master, Scouter, Summoner, Arcana, Reaper & Artist
The second of the classes that will be incorporated at Lost Ark since its release will have to wait until May . Again, if the usual dates of the patches are maintained, it should arrive around up to 14th of the month. In this case we are not facing such an expected release, since the destroyer stays out of the top ten of more popular classes in South Korea. However, it is an interesting addition for the archetype Guerrero that uses a very strong hammer that hits with the promise that it destroys any rival to reach. In addition, it has some resistances that would already like any other member of the campus.

Although it can leave us something sold in certain raids or may be deseperating for some players because of their slowness, Destroyer is one of those classes that will divide the community . It will be hated by all those players who find it in the agility the favorite feature of it. However, if you do not mind being slower in exchange for providing devastating blows and having spectacular animations capable of breaking the ground hitting with a gigantic hammer, you will be made for you. In addition, it has a few endurance mechanics to try to compensate for the negative characteristics that we have mentioned so far, so not in the PVE or the PVP of Lost Ark **.