Starfield | More images of the 2018 Build are filtered

The new intellectual property of Bethesda Game Studios shines like the stars of the universe to which we move. Starfield is a science fiction and role degree that will allow us to immerse ourselves in various worlds very soon. To open mouth, new images have just filtered, although it is about premature catches, since ** come from the same building of 2018 from which other images have been extracted over these months.

Starfield: Official Teaser Trailer
Snapshots have been hung on Reddit and show scenarios mainly, although we also see protagonist with the special suit of him. That the Build is ancient is perceived at first glance, because it is full of elements that are not yet complete. In any cintellectual propertye, in the following lines you can enjoy these five catches.

Bethesda: The game is going to “hallucinate”

In the development study they maintain a full confidence intellectual property far intellectual property the quality of the product is concerned. According to Emil Pagliatulo, a design director who hintellectual property been working in Bethesda for almost two decades, players are going to hallucinate with the work they are preparing. “It hintellectual property been amazing to see how, little by little, Starfield hintellectual property been transforming into such an impressive game” , he said. “Especially when we have to face completely new challenges for us.”

The truth is that Starfield is the first new IP that Bethesda performs in years. Compares with The Elder Scrolls have been constant from the beginning, but today it hintellectual property not yet been sufficiently shown to be able to affirm that it is a similar experience, although in space.

Starfield will not come out in the previous generation of consoles or on PlayStation machines. The game is planned for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, with confirmed releintellectual propertye date for November 11, 2022 .