How do military stamps work and how to get them in Persona 5: Royal

As you explore Mementos in _Persona 5: Royal, _ you have the chance to find stamps coming from Jose. It’s a new character for _royal, _ and it offers you great opportunities that you can use to upgrade or make money in the game.

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You can find the Stamp Station anywhere in a mementos. However, they appear mainly at the end of them when you get off a level. You want to make sure you always hit a stamp station every time you see 1. They also encourage you to explore a level of souvenirs because you can find them behind breakable walls. There are 165 stamps in total, and their locations vary throughout the game.

The buffers are a great way to change the way you play through a memory and your overall goal of being there. For example, if your main goal for playing through memories is to raise the members of your group, you can put these stamps back to Jose, who will give you a buff of experience points for everything you do during this time. You can do it for money or for fell objects in the shadows. If you want to change the stamps you have invested in a particular category, you can provide flowers at Jose, which can reset them for you.

You want to take advantage of these buffers whenever possible. You can use them as an excuse to explore a floor longer than you would normally, but do not stay too long in the same place because there is always the potential of a faler to spoil your day.