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PlatinumGames is working on nine titles of the NEO series

During the presentation you have on these lines, the team of PlatinumGames with Kamiya at the head has announced that they are working on nine new titles of the Neo-Classic Arcade Saga. Although the day of the innocents to issue the news they have chosen it in the most capcious way possible (the costumes of the presentation do not help), the case of the crest announced on the same date can be used to believe the veracity of it.

The 10 titles in total, counting the shoot ‘EM UP itself shall make up what they have called as “shocking 10”. According to VGC, it can be a reference to Capcom Five, which at the time included ViewTiful Joe.

The same medium, in fact, was contacted with platinumgames to confirm if the announcement would be legitimate or an innocent, to which they answered that they would let us decide it for ourselves after watching the video

In the image above, extracted from your advertisement on the Platinum website, games are shown new titles with scarce details of each one, beyond a brief description as an interim name of each game and a darkened silhouette, except in the Case of PT Spectacular SIDE-Scrolling Action. Between the cast of developments, there are such a gravy games as one “fighting with giant robots”, from me against the Galactic Neighborhood or other science fiction and football.

The complete list of names, therefore, would be like this:

  • Sol cresta.
  • Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action (Provisional)

SHOCKING 10: Announcement of 9 All New Titles *English subtitles available
* SCI-Fi Superhuman Soccer (Provisional)

  • PT Spectacular SIDE-Scrolling Action (Provisional)
  • Constella-Style Side Scrolling Shooting (Provisional)
  • High-Speed Action Racing (Provisional)
  • Dynamite Sexy Puzzle Game (Provisional)
  • Ultimate Top-View Bastard Action (Provisional)
  • Apocalyptic Giant Robot Fighting (Provisional)

For the moment, a launch window has not been mentioned.