The metabus is still in one step, and the next three years is important.

Most of the most important keywords that are the most important worldwide worldwide will be considered. As that, the interest in the metabus around the world is not saging. Many companies are trying to build a metaverse platform, and in Facebook, in Facebook, they are still in the future because they changed their mission to the meta. However, this attention is a complex that looks at the meta bus. It has already been a long time ago, and it is a variety of opinions that you are starting to be interested in the meta bus. What is the future of hot potato meta bus like this?

Recently, Korea Content Promotion Agency disclosed the industrial trend reports of the title “Metta Bus Industry and Prospects” in the United States. Currently, the metaverse industry in the United States is growing rapidly. According to the Market Research Future (MRFR) report, the metaverse market has recorded $ 21.9 billion in 2020 (about 26 KRW 26 KRW), and was expected to record 41.7% of the annual growth rate between 2021 and 2030. In addition, the proportion of games, VR, and AR-related companies will be the most important segment in the meta bus, including 70%.

As such, companies and celebrities will soon reach the metabus world, but they have a great potential, but there is no negative gaze. Among the many anxiety elements, the largest anxiety factor is the uncertainty of clear future. The ASF (Acceleration Studies Foundation), which has been presented for the metaverse, is also said that it can not present an exact roadmap for how long it will take until it becomes popular due to the complex uncertainty of the metabus. In fact, many contents have been interested in metaverse, but they are still not presenting specific directions or providing a core platform.

This is the same as the game that is the most important segment of the metabus. The report is a great example, but the limited part of the limited part is implied, but the limitations are still clear, but the limitations are clearly implemented, but the limitations are clearly implemented, but the limited part of the Metropolitan Rabraft, including the Horizon World of Meta.

Nevertheless, the metabus content is still expanding its influence a little bit. In April 2020, the Concert of Travis Scott, which conducted through the Port Night Party Royal, has been driven by $ 20 million (about W24.2bn) and is evaluated to a case of using the low entry wall of the meta bus. In addition, Companies are actively using various metabas platforms. Nikeland has recently created and created by Nike. In Nikeland, users can do a variety of activities, including living a mini-game from enjoying a mini-game.

In this regard, the report added that the metaverse influence increased as the metabus influence increased, and the discussion of Web 3.0, including NFT, e-commerce, and virtualization, is also a significant issue. In a virtual environment, it is meant that the importance of ‘original credentials’ is as easy as the replication reproduction of digital resources and content is easy, as well as this is as easy.

The current discussion of the metabus is still in progress, and the blue print of the final system is also unfinished. In this situation, it is predicted that there is a milestone in five steps until the metaverse is implemented through the vision presented by the metabus platform and pipeline companies. Currently, to achieve each step to achieve each step, it is necessary to achieve a minimum of 10 years.

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Step 1 is a step of accumulating the metaverse-related infrastructure with a low-fidelity metaverse step and to seek plans for improving usability (UX). This step is essential to spreading the device for the metaverse. Step 2 is to build a full-fledged ecosystem, so that the user naturally uses the meta bus over time. Step 3 is a virtual reality of a true meaning to the phase of the neural interface represented by so-called EEG operation. Step 4 shall be aiming for existing industries to be incorporated into the substructure of the meta bus. It is a step of almost perfectly replacing reality such as studying and shopping in so-called virtual reality. And finally, we are looking at a five-step to build a depression system and use it freely.

Finally, the report “is still an unfinished situation,” and the blue print of the final system is also unfinished. In that sense, the next three years is the most important time, “” We are currently staying in one step, but Milestone As we can predict the steps as they can be through, they gradually realized, and universalized and deepened them in the first half of the socio. “