The all player: Sweeper fits in Flicks Personnel Puzzle

With the communication of personal details, the day before a game is always such a thing. As a coach one does not want to reveal too much, it could listen to someone from the opponent. But it also belongs to the duty of a football instructor – even if he holds the office of the Federal Trainer – to step in front of the press and to yield the journalists a few bread crumbs. Hansi Flick also makes it that way, also on this Monday, the day before the prestigdated against the Netherlands in the Amsterdam Arena.

We are good when we have players who can play many positions.

Hansi Flick

About Thilo Kehrer he says on this occasion, he had “fixed” and collected with his performances “plus points”. The fact that the defense specialist plays by Paris Saint-Germain says Flick not explicitly on this occasion. But you probably can assume high probability. But the 25-year-old has always played since the national coach had started his office before eight games. As a left-back, on one of the inner positions or right – the sweeper is there, if need is, and releases its tasks reliably. That makes him, especially with a view to the Winter World Cup in Qatar, to an important building block in Flicks Personnel Puzzle. Because: “We’re fine when we have players who can play many positions.”

Sweeper, who was previously in the DFB team rather than in the middle of it, has been played by its versatility and its reliability far upwards in the favor of the national trainer, who learned him already in his time as a sports director of the DFB and appreciated. While others are still trembling for their ticket, the former Schalke’s best chances – especially since he already comes in the star-cast ensemble of PSG already on considerable 28 season games. “It’s something special to play in a team where so many big players are,” he says more casually, “but at the same time that means a great competition. I suppose that and try to make this challenge as well as possible to master.”

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Anyway, Flick estimates Sweeper – and the white of the Parisians also. What might explain why he acted so reliably in the DFB jersey. The self-confidence has grown in the past few months, which one listens to him before the test match against the Netherlands – without the fact that sweeper acts over. “The eight games so far were good for us to give us self-confidence,” he says, knowledgeable that the very big opponents were missing so far. “Now comes one – and we look forward to that. Of course, our goal is to win the game.”

It would be the first proper exclamation mark of the DFB team in the still short era flick. That it is set in Amsterdam, the sweeper, the all-player under flick, is allowed to help with high probability.

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