One piece teaser shows new the look of the straw hat

One piece fans can be pleased: anime series and manga run at full swing, Netflix works on a live action series and a new anime movie should also give it. The is called One Piece: Red and now has a new mini teaser. In the video, various figures from One Piece can be seen, but with a special trick: as usual, the characters get a new look also missed in the coming movie. Like this design looks, it is now clear for the first time.

One Piece Red movie has a first mini teaser and so he looks like

It’s about it: One Piece dares again on the big screen and gets another anime movie donated. The hears on the name One Piece Red and represents the meanwhile 14. Anime movie in feature film length from the One Piece Universe. Inventor and Draftsman Eiichiro Oda is back with the game and missed the figures a new, slightly modified look.

New teaser is there! How this fresh look looks like and what changes to the design of Monkey D. Ruffy, Lorenor Zorro and Co can see you here. All too long, the video does not fall out, but at least the most important characters are gathered:

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What’s it? What exactly happens in the story of the coming movie One Piece Red is still in the stars. Official announcements for plot have not yet existed, but it was already analyzed that Shanks plays an important role. In addition, a new female main character is expected to be the focus of history (via: comicbook).

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When is the movie? In Japan, One Piece Red is to be seen from 6 August 2022. As it looks like an international release and maybe even a theatrical release in Germany, but unfortunately is not yet fixed. It could take a little longer.

One Piece Film Red Teaser / First Look Trailer #onepiece #shorts

Are you looking forward to the new anime movie or on the Netflix series with real actors * inside?