LOL: JANKOS talks about the Champions Queue in Europe and the benefits I would have in the players

Since the beginning of the year, North America has benefited from a small madness that has been very successful: the Champions Queue . This special qualifying League of Legends queue reserved for very high-level players (mostly professionals) carefully selected allows you to play with a better quality server and much less ping. It also offers money to players who most accumulate, and we do not talk about coupons or Riot Point, S, but about $ 400,000 ** to distribute throughout the entire season.

In Europe, the heart of the community ranges between jealousy, amazement or disgust, and each one has its own opinion about it. But according to JANKOS , the jungle of G2 ESPORTS, having a European version of Champions Queue would be a very good idea. Beyond the profits, it could also boost the competitive environment . The opinion of it can be found in the reproduction of the Trash Talk program presented by DoubleLift.

The Champions Queue, even more effective in Europe than in North America?

North America has often been criticized by its level of play. International results have often been disappointing, despite the great financial resources of the region. The Champions Queue is a bit intended for the miraculous solution to offer a double motivation to the players: Less ping in the games and an economic reward for the toughest and lethal within the crack of the invoker.

In Europe, players are not necessarily all fans of the model. While the players of the LCS already have astronomical salaries, why add truffles in the caviar? But A JANKOS would not mind Import this exclusive qualifying queue.

He asked those responsible for Riot Games if they were going to introduce this game mode… but they told him that it would not happen, at least not this year. For the Polish, beyond the earnings, especially would make the European Soloq more competitive . Professional players will be encouraged to play more seriously and, when making a selection in advance, ELO Alto players classification will be eliminated and with some other AMATEUR OTP. This type of player has the right to exist but does not contribute much to LEC and professional players.

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BROKEN BLADE followed the same line, and also pointed out that NA players, naturally, tend to be more vague than the players in Europe. If the Champions Queue in North America sometimes has problems working, due to lack of participants, surely that would not be the case on the old continent, where the talents are much more numerous.