Goal? No goal? Köhler: I have it look like this

The times when Osnabrück left points against supposed underdogs should be 2022. Against Berlin, the VFL provided an example of the “brutal constancy”, which certifies his team since the turn of the year. In the eleventh game, the Lower Saxony remained unbeaten for the tenth time.

The 3-1 victory succeeded smoothly despite offensive pressure and playful superiority, because Berlin reached a counter to compensate. “There thought many in the stadium that we did not come back, but we did that,” said Scherning pride. By the way, Sven Köhler did not feel as supposedly many in the stadium: “I had no worries, I realized that we will come back.”

The 25-year-old itself was a central player next to the outstanding Aaron Opoku (Osnabrück left-Note 1.5 and Man of the Day), Taffertshofer (Adductor Problems) represented strongly in the defensive midfield and gave the VfL game structure. His performance crowned Köhler with the header to 3: 1 in the 83rd minute. Viktoria Keeper Julian Krahl had tried to scratch the ball from the line, but referee Nicolas Winter but gave the gate. “I thought he was not in it, but I had it looked so – and then the assistant has that, I believe, but I do not care, the goal counts,” Köhler laughed at the VfL-Mirko and laughed Together: “As we come back is really good, that’s easy to go.”

Overturned game-winning goal AFTER trophy ceremony, a breakdown
Now he is looking forward to a “horny Saturday”, on the top catch-up game and Niedersachsend against Braunschweig. “Our chest is very wide now,” said his coach. 51 points and still in the ascent race – that would have thought of his team “not many”, so Scherning. With a home victory, the VFL can equal to scores with Braunschweig and ensure even more tension in the ascent race.

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