Brazilian Cosmic Horror Action RPG “Dolmen” The latest information including Amazon and GEO store benefits will be released

Koch Media has published the latest information on the new action game “ Dolmen ” scheduled to be released from the label Prime Matter developed by the company.

This work is an ultra-high difficulty action RPG with a theme of Cosmic horror. On the stage of the fictional universe in which humanity has entered, the player will be a mercenary hired by the company called Zoan, will lead to the search for Planet Levion Prime.

During adventure, a wide variety of enemies stand up in front of the player. In order to stand in the battle, it is necessary to properly manage resources such as hit points and stamina with a well-known way to operate. In addition, in this work, a system called so-called Seoul Like is adopted. Paris can be activated and passed by matching the enemy attack.

In addition, you can customize the equipment according to the style of one player with a wealth and armor with a wealth of variations. In battle, it is important to know the enemy’s characteristics properly and switch weapon types.

You can also collect various materials while exploring levion prime and craft equipment. In addition, PlayStation 5 uses adaptive triggers to experience powerful combat.

Especially in battle with strong enemies, it is also important to make full use of attribute attacks. Of the three attributes of fire and ice, acid, any enemy always has two resistant and one weak point, and it is the key to capture that it is an enemy weak attribute. Also, in the energy mode consuming energy instead of stamina, additional damage is given and combined with attribute attacks is given significant damage.

In addition, limited benefits by store are first published.

# # ■ Specialties by stores:

  • GEO: Original A4 Clear File

Amazon.co.jp: Digital Wallpaper Set (Key Visual)

  • Amazon.co.jp “Amazon Limited Set”: Original Design Stainless Bottle

In this work, a product code that can obtain three points “Bulk armor set” and “rebel armor set”, “rebel arms”, and three points of rebels are included in this work. These special equipment made by newcomers recombining genes will help players to adapt to harsh environments of the universe. As there are limited quantities, please consider your reservation by all means.

“Dolmen” will be released on May 20, 2022 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC (STeam). Note that Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (STeam) will be launched only for download versions.