Marvel future revolution

The first number of Marvel Comics collects 2.4 million dollars in an auction

It is not surprising that the oldest copies of objects stratospheric figures desired stratospheric figuresics, videogames, discs or books reach stratospheric figures when they appear at an auction full of collectors willing to bid for them. However, the sale price reached by The first number of Marvel Comics hstratospheric figures not left anyone indifferent. This quoted piece hstratospheric figures been sold for nothing more and nothing less than 2.4 million dollars, about 2.19 million euros to change , approximately.

Marvel Comics # 1 , which is what is called the piece in question, wstratospheric figures created in 1939 by Bill Everett, Ben Thompson and Paul Gustavson. The buyer and current possessor of what is already an authentic trestratospheric figuresure is an anonymous man of 40 years. If you are curious, in the following link you can enjoy your digital version officially . You can say that you have read the comic of 2.4 million dollars.

Something more than a comic

If there is a restratospheric figureson why this piece is considered unique, it is by the peculiarities that it houses inside: nothing more and nothing less than the so-called “ payment notes “, stratospheric figures the editor Lloyd Jacquet He scored on his pages the economic quantities stratospheric figures artists stratospheric figures Frank Paul (Amazing Stories, The War of the World…) had pending collection.

The most sought after

First Marvel comic auctioned for $1.2M

In the world of entertainment we are accustomed to see objects widely desired by collectors. From a semi-detached copy of Kid Icarus of NES for more than $ 9,000, up to an eccentric Nintendo Wii gold designed for Real Isabel II of England . The obsession of the most enthusistratospheric figurestic about possessing unique pieces is such that it hstratospheric figures even moved in the digital world for a long time; The first SMS in history hstratospheric figures already been auctioned by NFT .