IT Engineer E Sports Convention “LogStare Esports Series Featuring Fortnite” April 29th.

LogStare is an E-Sports Convention for IT Engineers sponsored by its company “LogStare Esports Series Featuring Fortnite will be held on April 29, 2012 (Fri), and it will start accepting entries at the tournament official site. did.

LogStare Esports Series” sponsored by LogStare sponsored, secure Vail / Career Vail sponsored by Logstare, for the purpose of “I’m not able to meet an exchange of IT engineers.” The first was “Apex Legends” and the second for the competitions, and all closed in their success.

At the third tournament announced this time, we adopt duo mode of EPIC GAMES’s big hit “Fortnite (Fort Night)”, and up to 80 teams will be able to fight incandescent fighting increase.

# ◆ E Sports tournament for IT engineers “LogStare Esports Series Featuring Fortnite” held on April 29!

Epic Games has F@&!ed Up Fortnite Esports Beyond Repair

“LogStrehare Esports Series” is sponsored by LogStre to activate IT security industry and interact with IT engineers, and a group company’s Secure Vail, Career Vaile. The first tournament was held in June last year as an attempt of the IT security industry, and the second tournament was held in November, and both have closed the curtain.

The third tournament is a popular e-sports title “Fortnite”, which is a popular E Sport title “Fortnite”, which is the third generation, and the up to 80 teams compete for vertices. The team that won the first place has a prize of 50,000 yen and other players’ activities and has a total of 100,000 yen awards.

IT Security Professional Media ScannetSecurity and GAME * SPARK Operating Game * SPARK Handling Game * SPARK Holding Game * SPARK Handles Game * SPARK Wide-to-E-Sports Competition for IT Engineer Backed Up, and IT Engineer Holding a background, JCG is responsible for JCG, which is a representative director CEO, which is widely known in the Japanese E-sports world.

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LogStre continuously provides an interaction of IT engineers through “LogStre Esports Series”, and will help IT security, and support industry revitalization and IT human resources shortage.