Halo: Who lists attentively, can EFFECT in the TV series

Since today’s Thursday you can see the Halo TV series at the PAY TV channel SKY. The first season will include a total of nine consequences and revolves very surprisingly about an adventure of the super soldier Master Chief.

Barely the series is available, in addition to estimates and opinions on the series also observations and details that have been discovered in the consequences. And apparently, Halo nods at one point in the direction of another popular SCIFI games franchise: Mass Effect.

As Gamesradar reports, the Easter Egg is an acoustic, so you have to listen exactly. Because at about minute 33:50 in the first episode is to be heard in a radio message – free from English translated:

Commander Shepherd, they are required in the Skillian Response Center.

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An intended Easter EGG

Of course, those who are familiar with Mass Effect Bon Bon Bioware stumbles on this name. Because Commander Shepard is the playable main character in the Mass Effect series, whose last major part appeared in 2012 and will continue with a fourth part in the future.

And as the series makers have confirmed, it is a deliberately placed Easter Egg. At least the Kiki Wolfkill said of 343 Industries to Gamesradar. Everyone (out of the team) would love Mass Effect what you wanted to express with the small acoustic secret in the first episode. So if you get started with the series, the pointed point hears exactly.

More about the Halo TV series

In the Halo series, the Master Chief discovers a mysterious artifact on a desert planet, behind which the Covenant aliens are here. Shortly determined he tries to get his secret to the track. The green super soldier is embodied by Pablo Schreiber (U.A. American Gods), as well as playing, among other things, other Natascha Mcelhone as Dr. med. Catherine Halsey and Bokeem Woodbine as ex-Spartan soldier soren to see. I could already watch the first two episodes of the Halo series and tell you in my article, why I’m still a bit more column.