DFB Team – Assistant Röhl: Flicks Pans Guide is unique

Assistant Danny Röhl enthuses from the social skills of his boss, national coach Hansi Flick. “The gift, so deal with people, is unique. (…) I have never experienced that, so I’m already looking at him,” said the co-trainer (32) in the interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Flick could “promote and promote” – also within his rod. “He gives people many freedoms and a lot of responsibility, he says they are experts in your areas, I trust you, it is also your success. But he also demands that the experts are involved.”

For Röhl, the flick already prepared with FC Bayern, this is the key to success. “In my view, it is like that if the team leadership and communication do not fit, if you do not grab the players, then you will not get his idea.”

First training of Hansi Flick as German head coach in full length

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A coach could “design the greatest tactics, but if the conviction of the guys is not there, it does not work. That’s why Hansi’s type of communication is so important.”