Halo Infinite: From Spartan inspired boots

Today, Microsoft announces a partnership with the shoe and clothing manufacturer Wolverine. During the year, several of Halo-inspired boots will appear on the market.

The beginning makes the limited edition of 117 pairs of the Wolverine X Halo: The Master Chief boots, which are available from March 29 for the price of 225, US dollars on Wolverine.com.

About the partnership James Monosmith said from Xbox:

“In view of the roots of Halo in the military science fiction, we knew that time would come in which we wanted to bring Spartan boots to life, and as Wolverine approached us because of a cooperation, we knew that time now came.”

“Originally inspired by Wolverines HellCat boots, the Master Chief Boots is unique, whose aesthetics is inspired by the iconic armor of the Chief and the insignia from the Halo Universe. This legendary work boot is as robust as a mjolnir armor and at the same time offers the unwavering comfort, the strength and hold, for which Wolverine is known for all its work boots. “

Wolverine x Halo // The Master Chief Boot
Other limited work boots by Wolverine should be revealed soon.