Halo composer on the scene of the big helmet of the program: I think the moment works very well

Aureola is now available in Paramount +, and with the launch of the debut episode of the series, we have seen Master Chief for the first time without his helmet. Of course, you have already had an idea of ​​what it would be like if you had been paying attention to the news about the program and you knew that Actor Pablo Schreiber would interpret Master Chief, but it was still a critical moment in Halo’s franchise. ComicBook.com to the composer of the television series are callery about this moment to learn more about how he handled such a critical revelation, and said he believes that the final product “works very well”.

But before Callery gave him the opinion of him on the scene, he revealed another interesting detail: the composer did not realize that the master chief take off the helmet was something so important. It was evident by the way the scene was filmed, of course, but it was not until Callery had already worked on the scene that he learned about the importance of him.

“I did not know that taking off the helmet was so important,” Callery said to comicbook.com when asked how he approached this scene. “It was certainly a big problem in the program, since it is the first time we see the face of the actor, and it was a great revelation. So I recognized that it was the case and I qualified as such. But then we were playing he returned it, and we went through many different permutations to try to get the right tone, and they said: ‘Do you realize that you never take off your helmet in the game?’ I said, ‘No’, I said, ‘ Oh my God. I did not know that'”.

Callery continued to suggest that perhaps it was better that he did not realize that it was a moment of franchise as critical or otherwise he could have become “even more aware of it”.

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“You know when your mother says: ‘Bring this to the table. But it is very fragile. Do not break it ‘, and then you put so nervous that you stumble? » He said as an analogy. “I wanted to make sure what I did authentic, and I think the moment works very well. I hope the fans agree, and we will see where the chips fall. But I did not know the meaning of all. ” “I recognized in history when we filmed it, when I saw it. I said: ‘This is a great moment,’ by the way you filmed it. But I did not realize how big it was. Then, that is quite funny ».. I thought it was very funny.”

Comicbook.com also spoke with Schreiber recently about finally to face the master chief with Halo Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill also talks about this scene.