Face of Master Chief in first episode of Paramounts Halo

This Thursday it was finally so far, the Halo series of Paramount Pictures has appeared. Already in advance, it was known that it is not a filming of the games, but is only roughly oriented to them. Because the makers have broken directly in the first episode with the conventions of video games and reveal the face of the Master Chiefs.

So Master Chief looks out under the helmet

The Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 belongs to a group of super soldiers who are called Spartans. Directly in the first episode of Halo, Paramount shows his face. Under the helmet hiding, who would have thought it was the face of the actor Pablo Schreiber .

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Next to the Master Chief, the scientist Catherine Halsey celebrated, played by Natascha Mcelhone, her debut in the first episode.

Halo Series Episode 1 Master Chief Face Reveal

Fans are disappointed with the revelation

Under the YouTube video, a lot of emotions fram up, from disappointment to anger is all represented: _ “That was exactly the moment by the illusion that he was destroyed [Pablo] [Schreiber] the Chief,” , says User. “If you have played the games, they knew that it is not necessary to show the face of the chief” , writes another.

Some of one draws also comparisons at Star Wars Spin-Off The Mandalorian and shows understanding that you did not want to take the same way. However, one would have welcomed the mystery not directly directly in the first episode, but for example first to show the back of the head. Regardless of these, the voices of the fans were quite positive and much were already looking forward to the second episode. Why the master-chief actor Pablo Schreiber keeps the revelation for a need , read on Page 2!

Page 1 face of Master Chief in Paramounts Halo series revealed

Page 2 Master-Chief actor sees revelation as a necessity

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