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What is the maximum rank of mage in Spellbreak?

In Spellbreak, gaining experience is a shared cause. After each battle, you gain experience for the mage class you play, but you also gain experience for your player’s character in general.

The XP you gain for your account overall goes to your what is called your “row of mage”, not to be confused with your rank of class, which are a set of distinct progressions.

While other royal battle games can have an upgrade system up to 100 or even 500, in Spellbreak, the maximum rank of the mage is only 50. Every time you rank, you win 50 pieces d But other than that, a new badge every 5 levels and weight, nothing will change as the way the leveling of the class rank expands the game.

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Due to the cross-progressive game, all levels you earn to reach your range of mage on a platform will also be present on your other platforms. For example, if you reach level 10 on Xbox One, you will always be at level 10 if you also play PC.

The upgrade will take more than XP over time and it will probably take a lot of time to reach the level ceiling. That said, the chances of seeing an increase as the game progresses are very high, as we have often seen from other titles of the Royal Battle genre.