Towards “Brighter and more intense” campaigns for Crowfall

Last February, the Artcraft developer yielded the rights and operation of Crowfall at the Monumental Studio, with the ambition to revitalize the activity of the MMORPG PVP. So the monumental studio is therefore expelled to evolve Crowfall, even if we understand that the preparations are still in progress – the studio has considered closing the Crowfall servers the time to remodele the content, before renouncing it (the Studio obviously did not want to lose losing the 110,000 players who have access to the game and while the ten-day free trial offer is underway for the curious). We remember that it is that Monumental recruits to strengthen the teams in charge of Crowfall and that the studio will evolve some of its game modes.

As we know, Crowfall’s gameplay revolves around military campaigns, which can last several weeks and involve many players. In a note published on the official website, the studio says he wants to rethink the Dregs campaigns opposing guilds, so that they are “sharper and more intense” (and therefore more accessible). They will last “two weeks, with accelerated harvesting and craft mechanics, for a maximum of 12 players and adopting rules _terminator (the characters start with hair and finish with hair)”. A format that should more involve players and thus boost campaigns.
The developer also promises more renewing his campaigns. Initially, the campaigns had been imagined to avoid too routine gameplay, always dominated by the same guilds. From now on, campaigns will rely on more diverse rules, obviously to encourage players to renew their strategies.

And for longer and planned trading players, Shadows campaigns opposing factions for five weeks are also relevant.

Crowfall sold to Monumental - Crowfall has new developers + my thoughts on the future of the game
Gage that Crowfall will find there a second vettive that can revive a positive dynamic on the game servers. In the longer term, the development team promises a more detailed roadmap on the upcoming changes in-game.