Halo producer explains why Pablo Schreiber is the perfect master chief

Finally, one of the most popular video game franchises in history has come to television. The first episode of live action. Aureola The television series made its debut in Paramount + Thursday, allowing franchise fans to see the iconic master chief in action. For years and years, aureola the players wondered who could put on the boots of the master chief and lead the battle against the Covenant. The role was finally for diosa american and _The orange is the new black_standing Pablo Schreiber, a decision that many of the minds behind halo _No could be happier by.

Halo's Pablo Schreiber on Becoming Master Chief (Exclusive)

Kiki Wolfkill supervises the aureola game franchise and serves as an executive producer of the new paramount + series, so it is safe to say that there are few people who know more about Master Chief than her. While talking to ComicBook.com about this week aureola premiere, Wolfkill spoke about why Schreiber was the perfect choice to interpret the iconic science fiction hero.

“I will say that, objectively, he was a fan of him before they proposed it for this role and loved the idea from the beginning,” Wolfkill told us. “After meeting him, he is an incredibly committed and passionate person. And he was so excited and curious about the character and curious about the things that people love the character. And there was such intensity and such an approach on how he approached to bring Chief to life. But he also has the ability to project strength and vulnerability at the same time. And that was so critical for John’s share of Master Chief’s character. And he has an incredible physicist. You see it in Cueva de thieves, right? And the ability of him to move with precision and an incredible muscle control and spatial consciousness is very important to be able to use the suit well, move well with the suit, but also act through the suit. So he really was the perfect combination of physical and creative intellectual. “

Now that aureola is in the world so that everyone experienced, fanatics will finally have the ability to decide for themselves how they feel about the Schreiber version of Master Chief. Face a traditionally without mask character is always difficult, but the team behind Aureola clearly believes that Schreiber is the right Spartan for work.

The first episode of aureola is now available to transmit in Paramount +.