Austria fails to Wales: The votes to the World Cup

WALES BEAT AUSTRIA! Just one game away from the World Cup!
The Austrian national team lost the semifinals of the World Cup Quali Playoffs in Wales with 1: 2 (here’s the game report). Real-Madrid star Gareth Bale met in Cardiff worth worth twice. The votes to the game.

After Austria was already in arrears after a Gareth-Bale double pack after 51 minutes with 0: 2, the crew of Coach Franco Foda came up to 1: 2 by a failed Marcel-Sabitzer shot.

After that, Austria urged the compensation, but came only to half-chances, while Wales in the counter repeatedly caused great danger and ultimately brought the narrow lead also earned over time.

For Austria, the defeat of the dream of the World Cup final round 2022 bursts in Qatar. Wales meets (probably) in June to the winner of the other semi-final between Scotland and Ukraine.

The votes to Austria from in the World Cup playoff

Franco Foda: “We are hard disappointed. We did a lot and we could not reach our goal. We started well and wanted to solve ourselves from counterpressure situations. The chance of Baumgartner was huge. Then we have that Life self-made, not played between the lines. Immediately after the half we were good in the game and unfortunately collected the 0: 2. We have played too slowly from one to the next player. Second half was better. But we were better Simple ball losses and then Wales leached. Finally, we risked everything, there were tricky situations, but Wales has defended with flying colors. “

_… About his future: _ “I assume that I sit on the bench at the next game on the bench, my contract runs until March 31st. Everything else is not a topic right after closing a topic. We have in the World Cup Quali Not good enough performed. Today a chance would have been there. Small things have decided. “

ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich : “Franco Foda is on the bench on Tuesday. You have to sleep everything analyzer and sleep over it now. It is premature to talk about Franco Foda’s future. We have to find a solution. It is not excluded that Franco Foda’s contract is extended. I do not want to exclude anyone, you have to be able to talk about everything. In April we have to find a solution. The sports director has led talks, but I can not say anything in peace now – very factual. “

ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel: “Currently we still have team boss Franco Foda. It’s okay to discuss it. But we have to digest the defeat now. There is a huge dream and we were optimistic Now lead conversations and question everything. With our squad, different styles meet each other. The red-bull corner and the playful corner. to bring everything under a hat is difficult. It has often been well done in recent years, but not always.”

David Alaba: “It’s hard to find words. We did more, that hurts our goal. We did not reach our goal. I believe we would have earned it somewhere. Gareth has made the difference. The 1-0 was out of nothing, he has shown what he has for a class. The possibilities were there for us. We did not play good World Cup qualifiers, but today we had everything in the hand. Very too bad. “

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Christoph Baumgartner: “Pure disappointment. If I push the game to the 1-0, the game runs very differently. That must be a goal. It is incredibly sorry for the team and Austria. It is extremely bitter. It is extremely bitter In case of incredible hurt, it is difficult to find words. At the foul he came to me with a lot of pace, I tried to block him. Unfortunately, not clever from me, everyone knows that Bale stands on the other side – I have to Loosen better. “