Lost ARK: New Steam Accounts Experience Restriction

The developers behind Lost Ark want to fight the problem with many bots in the world. In the current patch, this problem should be solved by the restriction “new” or limited steam accounts.

The official statement of the studio

The studio expressed themselves as follows on bots: “_Bots were a problem for us since the launch. Even if we had banned them as soon as possible, they stopped again. Thanks to the ban on bots in the period of the Argos update and Removing Early Game Gold, which originally attracted the bot, we have experienced a massive decline in bot activities and bots-flattened gold, which caused inflation for material prices. We will continue to be a hard line against the Game existing bots drive to make them inefficient while we ensure the active player on gold access and accordingly have a better experience.

What are “Limited User” on Steam?

Lost Ark operates in the fight against bots of the so-called “Limited User” classification of Steam. For example, Limited users can not send friend requests, do not open group chat, do not participate in Steam or access the Steam Web API. Anyone who is in this classification must invest 5 US dollars to complete their own account.

The following restrictions should give it for those users in Lost Ark (now € 19.99) in the future:

  • No direct trade with other games (inquiries can continue to be accepted)
  • No sending of in-game gifts

How to play Lost Ark for free in a restricted region (Netherlands/Belgium)
* No exchange of royal crystals for gold
* No sending of in-game mails with attachments

We have already reported on all other Patnotes on our website. Whether this decision is sufficient to resolve the bot problem remains to be seen. But apart from bots and potential inflation in relation to resources, Lost Ark is currently not uncommon under criticism. For example, there were recently complaints about Öden Grind in the game, which were killed in their own forum directly by fans. We also reported about it.

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