How to file an appeal on twitch if you are banned or removed

You may seem that Twitch unjustly punished you with a banner or suspension. Now that Twitch has a portal for appeals, you have even more opportunities to try to prove your innocence.

Viewer Ban Appeals #14

know why you banned

To appeal your ban, it is useful to know exactly why you were banned. You were supposed to be notified during blocking or suspension, and you can study in detail the reason by reviewing the TWITCH community principles. For example, if you were banned for hateful behavior, it will be useful for you to find out that Twitch considers hateful behavior. If you still feel that you have not done that twitch banned you or removed you, you are ready to appeal, and now you have a deeper understanding of what needs to be explained in your appeal.

Appeal through the appeal portal

Now that you are ready to appeal the TWITCH solution to block or pause you, make sure you entered your account, and go to the appellary portal. Choose which enforcement you want to appeal, and confirm that it is correct, looking at the date next to him. Enter the rationale for your appeal (why do you think you should not ban or temporarily remove) in the field Description Box . Send as soon as you finish. You will see confirmation of the sent appeal, and the status will be marked as waiting . Now everything you need to do is wait for a response from Twitch.

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