The Overflowing Master event from Genshin Impact is a pleasure for all players who want to farm materials to raise talents until March 28, 2022 . During the event, the skill domain is a spill of Montadtte, a domain of skill – the mansion of Taishan in Liue and the skill domain – the purple yard in Inadzum will receive a double increase in the chance of falling out. In the event there are several restrictions, but you still want to take part in order to save a ton of resin!

How to take part

The event is open to all players unlocked any of the domains from which materials fall out to increase the level of talents in three countries. Naturally, only domain unlocked domains will be available to you. To obtain a double bonus, the chance of drawing is not required prerequisites or special quests of events. Just go to the chosen domain to begin to engage in agriculture.

Game mechanics

Double bonus The chance of falling out has three limitations:

  • This applies only to domains from which materials fall out to increase talents.

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* Doubling the chance of falling out can be applied only three times a day .

  • You can not apply a double increase in the chance of falling out with a condensed resin. You can Use only the original resin . Each round is the X20 original resin.

With this in mind, it is strongly recommended to farm talent domains every day to maximize the bonus to the chance of falling out. It is also important **** In order not to convert the entire source resin into a condensed resin immediately – save the X60 source resin per day to get double drops three times.

Familiarize yourself with the GENSHIN IMPACT Level Overflow Event Guide to prepare for another upcoming farmers event that will be repeated in version 2.6.