Halo has been a development point of the second decade. Originally designed for space opera film will now be published in a smaller format, but still with a big budget. Paramount + streaming services, however, a huge investment in revitalizing the sci-fi epic suffers from the sins inherited from familiar pelisovitusten.

The cosmic adventure for everyone

Adventure Science Fiction designed Bungie is basically a high flight of fantasy, wherein the good and bad forces fighting galaxy domination. The story focuses on the mythical Spartan-class soldier, Master Chief, for his exploits echo in eternity a straight path to the other. upholstered heavy duty armor super soldiers never seen without a helmet. He is completely detached from humanity, even though it is their only hope in front of the totally destruction. Master Chief Cortana is the only friend, a female sex partner developed artificial intelligence, which originally was designed to control the nerves cold killer. As the story progresses they formed between the connection that even fate can not be cut.

In the background hover around extreme believers Covenant warriors, who are dangerous for holy war against the galaxy. Their insider is an explosion point. The old patriarchs believe the ancient prophecy that promises a trip to the holy land somewhere beyond the stars. The new generation is not as sure about the promises that have not been fulfilled over the millennia.

Humanity and Covenant war will lead them to designate Haloksi create a superweapon. The ancient structure was built long before either the existence of the breed. It is known only that it is dangerous. In the wrong hands, it could destroy the entire universe.

From these starting points begins an epic tale of faith, humanity, friendship and write history. Initially, the game is of unknown function over the years become a massive media machine, which is extended so as books, comics form. Joseph Campbell , George Lucas’ and Isaac Asimov draws on stories of adventure is a feast of archetypes. It is nothing short of a miracle that it does not have yet a dozen movies.

Therefore, I can not understand why it made the TV series is a violent tangle that looks and feels so cheap.

The long development time to be seen and felt

Halon began the journey to the big screen in Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp co-operation in the mid 2000s. Years previously published masterful District 9 turned out to be a work of genre as a new character, which gave Blomkamp and Jackson seemingly free hand in terms of the Atonement. Bungie’s major work was the hottest hot right at this point, so it seemed natural for the combination of cooperation. Blomkamp directed Jackson’s help Halo -lyhärin, who showed us how visually stunning game series would turn into a movie. Rising capacity Alex Garland was elected scriptwriters , who later would direct a fine Ex Machinan.

However, the project fell through financing. Universal and Microsoft failed to agree on the allocation of production costs. Only a few months before the shooting, Halo injected through the ice.

The following companies did not have to wait long. icon of the film industry and a series of long-time fan, Steven Spielberg , decided to roll up our sleeves and put your socks up. He never got to the scene the director, but chose washed Rupert Wyatt, whose fine Apinoiden planet synty attracted worldwide praise. Script writers were hired Game of Thronesin second main man D.B Weiss and History of Violence arrangements of screenwriter Josh Olson . Once again Halo seemed to be in good hands. Once again, the project fell through and the debate over the budget money.

Now published in the series is Kill Kyle Up __ and Steven Kane’s handiwork. The names may be unfamiliar to any1. Kane’s best-known work is umpisurkea The Last Ship series. Killen wrote Mel Gibson’s strange Majava the film, which Gibson unload their traumas puppet form.

There is probably not a surprise that Halo does not reach the same level, which Spielberg evening or Jackson would have expected. Although Spielberg’s Amblin production company is involved in the series.

But hardly anyone would have expected Halon to be so boring and incoherent entity that does not feel competent to decide to whom it is directed.

New story, new characters

Halo does not follow the games in the familiar continuum at all. This should be prepared right from the start. Mythology extensive series of conspicuous by its absence, despite its important moments constantly refers to. Reach the planet talk about every few minutes, but its meaning remains open. Series is a mix of books and games, but without the continuum of well-known story. It is intentionally a free-standing entity, which still seems to aimlessly.

In this world of Master Chief is a cold-blooded assassin, who take the iron will of the UNSC-fascist organization across the galaxy.

The story begins with a small rebel village with a series of main character, quan ah, is subjected to Covenant’s attack. The Master Chief has arrived to clean the village from the monsters, but their presence is not a celebration place. Unsc sow the fear around the galaxy. Remote planets produce minerals that the war machine needs to work. The Spartans developed by Halsey, but the unscrupulous Dr. Halsey are a fist of this machine, designed to crush free living communities that refuse to serve the purpose of the army. Master Chief’s violent past will combine him with Quan in a way that forces them to make them on the goal of the galaxy.

The majority of the first hours of the series will be celebrated in the bunks in the bunks and narrow bunkers. The characters argue from concepts and places that are completely unknown. The Master Chief suffers from the visions that langled from her childhood and family. Ancient artefact is only activated from his touch. Covenant’s forces leading to a young woman, for a reason or another hate humanity. Charlie Murphyn presented by a series staggering. Game of Thronesin Daener Surveying a spectacular conquest for which no reasons for invented.

The other familiar elements of the game are quickly ignored. Covenant’s civil war between different beliefs shines with his absence. Master Chief removes its helmet in the first section. A realistic explanation is always found on mystic. Filmation avoids the iconic moments of source material than the punch, but still ride their nostalgia constantly. The outcome is a strange blend of shame and compromise. Master Chief actor, Pablo Schreiber , however, does not blame. His excellent role performance is functioning throughout even though the script is weak.

Wake up to the question why the series is overwhelmed halo. If a large epook is made, then d1. Master Chief’s journey to the galaxy cancer is constantly jamming in the conference rooms. The intermediate grounds frustrates everyone.

The series is also difficult to recommend games to an unknown. Its new mythology and the united world is equally sinking boom. Even though every scene remains inadmissible to train in place in order to explain how the characters are familiar with each other.

But at the same time, the series of tunes according to the typical references to the games so imaginatively that this would not believe in 2022 products. The first-person shooter attractions were outdated when doomin movie adaptation was released. Now they resemble an elderly who tries to get in touch with the younger generation by referring to the recent Millennium Meemes.

The same problems are still in trouble

The series is also surprisingly violent. This is not in itself a surprise, after all, its source material is flooded with activities and war. But halo has always been a heroine. Its violence is basically greasy because its main focus is in epic mythology. Like that war, halo deals with serious topics without falling into scratching.

The TV fit translates this to its head. In the first episode, you will get out of the children. Covenant’s forces will murder the civilians brutalist. The air is full of charms. One of the numerous bad guys in the series will execute a woman by shooting this head in a close-up. Master Chief grants a number of civilians to assist with a number of civilians.

Why’s the miracle this is done HaLo?

It is true that the source material is flooded with tragedy. Humanity suffers huge losses on the mercy of Intergalactic War. But basically, halo is an optimistic description of traditional heroes who find a way to cross them encounter barriers at all. In the hands of existing factors, it has become a cynical description of war policy that mistakes to think that viewers want realism.

the first season of the series is a long period of nine. It is entirely possible that a lousy start-up sequence is not responsible for the whole. Even one of the best all-time sci-fi series, The Expanse, suffered from its rigid chassis. But rarely sees fit, which is thus intensely sets itself unnecessary stumbling blocks. Halo sobering that lively source of material for no reason. It still relies on the genre clichés, but they did not do anything new or interesting.

Halo 4 Glad You Came (The Wanted Parody) 1 Hour Version
It is another one of the countless lost opportunities to bring the beloved franchise to a wider audience.

Halo begins 24.3. Paramount + -suoratoistopalvelussa.