2: Knights of Veda, Second Teaser Video Disclosure

Flint (Representative Kim Young Mo) announced on the 18th that the new belt scrolling action MORPG ‘is a new belt scrolling action MORPG’ which is scheduled to be serviced, 2: Bed ‘s articles (hereinafter referred to as’ star 2′).

In the second teaser image released this time, it is not only to have a high-level graphic of a flinting, but also not only contained the monsters of the dark and uneven concepts, a bizarre and vicious concept, but also the real game of the ‘star 2’ You can check the play screen.

In particular, it is a star to understand 20,000 scenarios and world views, and a meridian with a meridous world view of dark fantasy, and a maternal and a combat style that is a combat and weight of each character. In addition, in the ‘Halo’ series, not only Lee Jung-gu, famous for the voice of ‘Master Chief’, as well as Jeong Sung-hoon, and Friendship,

Kim Young-Mo, who oversees the development, “Belt Scrolling Action MORPG has fun, and delicately drawn graphics, a sense of immersion-sensitive story, a heart that takes a sense of immersion, and a sound of the highest grade voice, It is in work. We are developing as a multi-platform such as iOS, Android, PC, and will be released as a quick seal. “

【 KNIGHTS OF VEDA 】 2nd Official Teaser Trailer

Flint plans to publish a variety of information and images that will be a new star from the teaser site to be released later.