Serial Rebabling for Elden Ring 1.03 Update

From the top of his ingots mountain, fromSoftware has just deployed a new update for his blockbuster Elden Ring. And obviously, the game with the 12 million copies sold does not intend to facilitate the task of the speedrunners and cheese apprentices with this maj 1.03, since many NENFS have been made to certain particularly effective techniques. Thank God, other ergonomics options should make some aspects of the less cryptic game.

Without returning into the detail of each point listed below, we note the will to simplify the life of the adepts of magic, while making the fights of boss probably more complex for every1. The developers have limited the power and behavior of the imitractor tear, an invocation of a double of the player considered particularly effective to divert the attention of the enemies. The power of frost conferred by one of the most popular ashes of the speedrunners, the frightening crush, also sees its damage revised downward and its explosions slowed down, at the risk of rendering the world record (28 minutes and 41 seconds, excuse little) CADUC. Other ashes are also undergoing the law of nerf.

Elden Ring 1.03 patch notes, Mimic Tear NERFED, NEW CONTENT, biggest bugs FIXED

On the other hand, the game should be a little less forged stone, absolutely essential objects to increase the power of its weapons, with a rate of drop increased on some common enemies and a stock a little more supplied at The merchants at the beginning of the game; This does not make this chapter from our highly recommended guide if you want to refuel easily. About Merchants, and more generally NPCs, the game will now show the non-player characters crossed on the world map, to find them more easily when they are not directly posted next to a grace site. The unfolded quests should also be a little less cryptic, with new dialogs for some of them, or even the addition of an NPC.

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MAIN Changes to the 1.03 Update (in English)

Additional Elements Added