“No, that does not work”: a pity threatens the U 21 to be missing

The signs were anything but cheap. In the short term, Christian Streich had to do without a Quintet from the circle of 13 professionals in the game against Wolfsburg with the most league missions so far.

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Nevertheless, an impressive 3: 2 success succeeded. “It was a difficult game, I’m really happy that we could win it because we had really theater with Corona and injured this week,” said prank full of relief and proud. On stakeholders such as Keven Schlotterbeck or Jonathan Schmid, who has so far been used for this season, was leaving.

“It shows that the team makes the team very much well, internally all are not all happy if they do not play. It is sometimes difficult for us coaches, because we also string with the guys when they train well and anyway Not playing, “string talked about the narrow competition.

This time, despite the personnel issues, he had to disappoint Roland Sallai, who, like Nils Petersen, first came as a joker.

Leisure – also because of Corona

“Nils comes in and puts the ball back in front of the winner. He also understood that he did not play from the beginning. These are good guys. It’s not just for you. It makes me happy that we are so happy Team, who still has stated such a game. That’s great, “prawing the traditionally good spirit in his team on Saturday evening and released his players Sunday and Monday free.

Also, to win the spatial distance because of Corona: “We hope that we get it back to Fürth again a powerful team.”

Too bad “will not be there in Fürth”

It’s open whether someone from the Corona Quartet Philipp Lienhart, Johannes Eggestein, Jeong Woo-Yeong and Hugo Squet will be freezing in time to be ready to use in Fürth next Saturday (15.30, live! At Christian Streich). The time is scarce. Also for Lukas Kübler, who was short-term for muscular complaints against Wolfsburg.

With Kevin’s pity, prank does not expect the next league game. The quick offensive player will also be missing due to string forecast from the weekend, the DFB-U-21 in the subsequent country game phase: “No, that does not work. He can not train and will not be there in Fürth.”