Ried wants to drop away from the qualification group start

Home – Away Flop: So you could summarize the previous Bundesliga season of the SV Ried in a nutshell. If you take the second place after the basic passage with six wins, five draws and no defeat in the home table to Red Bull Salzburg, one is in the distance with only a full success, three draws and equal seven defeats even the tail light. Only six of their 29 counters could celebrate the Innviertler outside of their own stadium and have quite catching up in the upcoming qualification group.

“We want to take off our away weakness and show that it goes away, too,” head coach Robert Ibertsberger introduces the march route in the run-up to the game against Admira. Against the south towns, in this season, one could celebrate the so far single victory in the distance, as one could prevail just with 2: 1 as in the first leg. Since then, Rieder has been waiting for more three points away for four months. At the prelude in the lower play-off, the third stroke should follow, negative after effects after the crucial in the fight for the master group Ibertsberger does not fear: “The game against storm we have picked up. It was a bitter evening because we have missed only a few minutes to achieve our goal. “

Ried must get defensive under control

What does it take to be good leader?
“Nonetheless, I am very proud of what we have done so far. That’s hard OK Now we have to look forward and put us new goals,” the 45-year-old looks forward, which has gained five points from four league games since its office at the Innviertel could and also with his team made the entry into the final of the ÖFB-Cup perfectly. After the point division, the SV Ried goes as a table sifted in the leadership in the last third of the season, the distance to the table end is currently eight points.

“For us, it is extremely important for the other games that we start positively in the qualifying round,” says Ibertsberger, who, after playful, last also against the Admira the determining team: “We want to determine the game and need ours again Offensive power in the place. ” At the same time, the roots also have to work on their defensive. With 41 goals, the second-sea-old was conceded Altach and has a lot of work in this regard. When playing the Admira you can set the first step right away.