LOL: Arcane swells on the Annie Awards, the Oscars of the Animation, with a full of 9 prizes

Even though it has come out more than half a year ago, Arcane is still falling in love everyone who sees it . While the general public had cataloged her from masterpiece, the opinion of industry professionals had to be expected, which although many think that this is more marketing than anything else is important for Fortiche and League of Legends. Well, it turns out that it has devastated the prizes Annie, an award to the purest Oscars style where it is commemorated the best audiovisual works of all year.

Arcane was nominated 9 prizes , and to anyone’s surprise, he has achieved the absolute full in all of them to consecrate himself as the most laureate livelen show of all 2021.

The prizes that arcane has gotten at the Annie Awards have been the following:

  • Best Series TV for the general audience
  • Best special effects in a series
  • Best Character Animation in a series
  • Best Character Design in a series
  • Best Address of an animated series
  • Best Production design of a series
  • Best GRAPH IT In a series
  • Best Dubbing in a series
  • Best Script in a series

Arcane Nominated for Nine Annie Awards

It is the animate audiovisual product that has been taken this year more , followed very closely by the Mitchel against the machines that got the whopping 8 prizes. However, it has not been added to other titans that were razed in the prizes several years ago, such as the incredible, Wallace and Gromit or how to train your dragon with up to 10 prizes, although the true leader is Kung Fu Panda with 11.

We will have to see what happens with its second season, but we are sure that it will be even better than its first seeing that Riot Games wants to put all the meat on the grill to offer the best visual spectacles as a series of series, movies and new video games.