14 years later, players find interesting detail in Fallout 3

_ Fallout 3 _ It is definitely one of the most ambitious modern RPGs in history, and players certainly have a very special affection to the game of Bethesda . So much so, that 14 years after its launch, fans continue to find new secrets and one of them has been causing all kinds of reactions between the community.

Fallout 3 came out 14 years ago

In Fallout 3 forums at reddit , users mentioned that if you talk with Griffon While your character uses a wig, you will receive a special dialogue. This is because Griffon also uses a wig, and although this is not the first time the community discovers this secret, it is definitely one of the best kept.

Although 14 years passed since its launch, who knows what other secrets could be hidden within the world of Fallout 3 . However, having such an active community, surely there are not many other details to discover, but if they do, have you for sure we will let you know.

If you are a fan of fallout 3 , remember that a group of fans is already working on a remake of this game and here you can take a look at your gameplay.

Editor’s note: It is impressive as relevant that is still Fallout 3 to date, and Bethesda certainly fixed the bar very high for Western RPGs. Even they themselves could not overcome their own achievement with their sequel, and remains to see what they do in the future with this franchise.