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Is there a story in Tunic?

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You play for a charming tiny fox exploring the big world in Tunic. In this epic adventure you will disclose various secrets, solve puzzles and fight with evil monsters. But you may be interested, there is a story for Tunic and his delicious world.

Answer There is a story in the tunic . The snag is that this is clearly not said by the player And rather you must gather a story together ourselves. For example, you can find pointers scattered around the world, but they are written in the fictional language. You have to decipher their meaning.

The action of TUNIC occurs in the destroyed world, and his story has a light shade, but it is more than it seems at first glance. Explore the world, search every corner and gap, and you can detect the details and information that would otherwise be hidden, for example, manual pages.

You are offered not to hurry and plunge into the world of Tunic and all his small details. Help this little fox in her journey, and you can discover more than expected!

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