With Record Deal: Aaron Rodgers stays with the Green Bay Packers

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Rodgers Agrees to 4-Year $200M Deal with the Green Bay Packers
The long-awaited first major quarterback DominoSin has fallen: Aaron Rodgers stays with the Green Bay Packers – and is essential for it. His new contract makes him the highest paid player of the league.

According to information from nfl-Network-insider Ian Rapoport, Rodgers receives a new four-year contract of over $ 200 million, of which 153 million should be guaranteed. The contract should bind him to the packers up to and including 2026.

Unless the figures confirm this, the 38-year-old will earn up to $ 50 million a year over the next four years. This border had never broken nobody yet.

His Cap Hit for this year is screwed down with the new contract to keep as many own players as possible – starting with Wide Receiver Davante Adams, whose contract expires.

According to reports, Adams will now first receive the franchise day to prevent it from coming week Free Agent. The day could ultimately act as a wildcard to then negotiate a long-term contract until the summer.

Broncos go empty – what is from Love?

According to reports, the Denver Broncos were the most concrete alternative. Also about a resignation Rodgers should have thought.

With a new long-term contract and an unexpectedly high warranty sum, the Packers made the deal perfect and the decision for Rodgers easier. It is a clear all-in-Move of the packers who have clearly communicated to the outside since the end of the season, that they absolutely want to keep Rodgers.

From Packers view is now also the personnel of Jordan Love in the room.

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The packers had selected quarterback in the first round of the 2020 drafts after they were even drowned up for him. The new four-year contract for Rodgers realizes that Love will no longer play for the packers as part of his rookie contract. A trade could now be here now to collect further capital for the hoped-for title run with Rodgers.