Monster hunter rise

“Monhan Rise: Sambraek” Starako Stars Monster also released! New information announcement “Special Program” March 15 delivery

Capcom will deliver the latest information of super large extended content “ Sambraek ” for Hunting ACT Monster Hunter Chanterization ” for Nintendosewich / Steam, “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sunbreak Special Program 2022.3. 15 “was delivered from 23:00 on March 15.

The new story, new stories, new stories, new base “Ergado” and characters full-flipping character, etc. are planned to be announced. In addition, the contents of “Sambrae” are also planned to be released. The broadcast time is about 20 minutes, and the Narrator is in charge of voice actor and Suwabe.

In addition, in the official Twitter (@MH_RISE_JP), we conducted “Count Dow Present Campaign” up to the day of delivery date. You can apply if you run the campaign tweets distributed during the period, and you can apply for two days by lottery.

Campaign tweets posted 8 days from March 8 to March 15 today. A total of 16 people will be presented.

Ultra-large extended content “Sunbrae” of “Monster Hunterization” will be released in summer of 2022. I am expecting a detailed announcement in the special program.