Developer responds to “Apex Legends” Horizons “wallet gravity lift” ideas. A phantom idea that made the map really scared

Currently, the season 12 “Deferiance” is being held “ Apex Legends “. In this season, a large-scale modification was held in Olympus Map. Voices seeking the rejection of the Olympus and the voices seeking the reinforcement of horizon are posted by the overseas bulletin board REDDIT, and the developer has shown the reaction.

Overseas Bulletin Board Reddit Suburidit R / Apexlegends has lifted the draft from users for various legends, and it is often the developer themselves to show the reaction. This time, the user posts a unique fortification proposal about Horizon. It is said that it will be attached to the wall and other gravisy lifts, which is her tactical ability, and it will be effective in every direction. Horizon’s gravity lift is a device that can be installed only on the ground, and it is an ability that produces something like airflow that can be reversed against gravity.

For this proposal, RV-GamePlaychris, a lead game play engineer of this work, has shown the reaction. He is a person who serves as a Horizon’s lead designer and engineer. According to RV-GamePlayChris, the idea of ​​installing a gravisy lift in every place is already already tried in development. It seems that it seems that it is impossible to predict and have chaos abilities, but it seems that it is judged that it is too hard to be fun and not fun in a wide variety of terrains and map structures in this work. Unfortunately it seems to have been an idea that has become a bot. On the other hand, there were some parts that seem to be very fun, and it was something that brings various possibilities for future adjustments.

There was also a voice that asked for a footage video that can confirm the appearance of chaos abilities, but unfortunately it seems that there is no footage that can be shared. However, what kind of ability was transfeted was told. Gravity lifts installed outside the ground seem to have a movement that caused the player to hold while holding the player with low gravity, in the opposite direction from the installed side. Angle rise ability is difficult to handle, and still lacking reliability that can be used quickly as the regular gravity lift.

In the same thread, questions have also been posted on the possibility of enhancing the articulated ability of Horizon. The Ultimate Ability Black Hall is to throw a device called Nutt and generate a small black hole and suck the enemy. This user seem to feel that black holes are easy to avoid with Ultimate Ability.

RV-GamePlayChris, for this question, was a cautious attitude for adjustment of Ultimet. In this work where three teams of teams are liver, the attack method to inhibit the movement of the other party is very powerful. He seems to be concerned that the ability to strengthen the availability that results in action restrictions not only is too powerful but also strong stress. Also, if the black hole is a planned use at the appropriate timing, he seems to be recognized.

Horizon is a legend that was fascinated until the season 9 appeared in Season 7, and it was a lure. As a result, developers will also seek various directionality for the strengthening of gravity lift. Like this thread, “Apex Legends” frequently exchanges views with users on SNS such as Twitter and Reddit.

“Apex Legends” is currently holding the season 12 “Defiism”.