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AEW Revolution: Adam Cole presents El Master Chief Gear of Halo

Adam Cole has presented a new and great team inspired by the Halo Master Chief for his great match for the Aew Championship against «Hangman» Adam Page! Cole has revealed many times of his love for the Halo video game series, and that has only become more fierce now that property is not only in the middle of a new release with infinite halo, but is preparing to launch a new Transmission of series in Paramount +. Then, taking advantage of the opportunity with a scenario as great as the main event in AEW Revolution, Adam Cole has shown a new team that adapts to him as the Master Chief of Halo! You can check it down here!

Hangman Adam Page Vs. Adam Cole - AEW World Championship: AEW Revolution, March 6 2022
Speaking with Connor Casey of about the love of him by halo before AEW Revolution, Cole said the following about Halo Infinite so far: “I love it. So again, I’ve been waiting for the next halo since 2015 when Halo came out 5. I dedicated hours and hours and hours to the multiplayer mode of that game. I played all halo campaigns, so I had many high expectations for infinite, you know, especially for the campaign. I love a good FPS story or a good game based on the story in general, and the halo tradition and halo universe have always been fascinated by ».

“So, once again, my expectations were really high,” Cole continued, “I still attracted the idea that it was a halo of open world, which was very excited. I was excited that they were immersed in more things with cutting. o The Weapon, all these different things with the boss. And I can tell you that I was not disappointed ». Continuing, Cole explained: “He overcame my expectations in every way. I played and defeated the campaign in Heroic. I still have to go through Legendary and get all the collectibles and those things. And the multiplayer mode has been fantastic too. What made me so happy was to talk to all these different people who may not have played halo since Halo 3, let’s say. And now there are a lot of my friends who said: Have you tried the new infinite halo? Is incredible. So it seems that halo is back in all the senses of the word ».

Cole revealed what he thought that the new Halo television series in Paramount + should also bring from the games: “I think it is very important to continue making the teacher chief someone everyone admired and who really look like ‘this guy helped us save us to humanity.. ‘”He started him. “So I do not know how it was involved, if he is, the teacher chief will really be a focal point within this television series. But I want him to feel really special. I would love the idea that they immerse more in The Covenant background, too, because I loved what they did with the Inquisitor in [Halo] 2 and 3. So I think it would be great. I love attention to detail, and I feel that Halo’s franchise has always been very good at that. But at the same time, there is a lot of mystery around The Covenant and The Flood. “

What do you think of the new Halo team of Cole inspired by Master Chief? Let us know all the thoughts of him about it in the comments!