Battlefield 2042: Developers will optimize cards soon

EA and DICE want to continue to enter the feedback from the players after the difficult start of Battlefield 2042 (from 26.50 €). In the blog, the developers now announced optimizations for some shooter cards, which can accommodate up to 128 players. Dice refers specifically to the criticism that the game should now feel like a “running simulator”. The makers now want to shorten the time so players come back into battle faster.

EA & DICE Baffle Battlefield 2042 Players By Removing Rush Game Mode Despite Devs Being Asked Not To

To achieve this goal, the individual bases and flags of the 128-player maps are to be closed closer together with a future update. At the beginning DICE would like to take care of the Kaleidoscope card, which is to receive your customization but only with the Season 1 starting in the summer 2022. In addition, the team wants to fill the many outdoor areas of the map with objects, so that players can hide more effectively from snipers. In addition, Dice is about to reduce the maximum number of players from 128 to 64.