Where to find Lurine, Fragment of the Northern Card in Elden Ring?

Players should be as soon as possible to find fragments of the card in Elden Ring. In such a big world, like this, it is important that the players have a card that will help them go through some of the most complex areas in the game. TOT Liurni, a fragment of the northern card can be found directly nearby city of Gates of the Academy Place of grace .

Fragments of the card can be found at the stone columns, and they can be seen from a long distance. This fragment of the card is one of the simplest, and it is not in a very dangerous z1. Players are likely to pass by this area during the study, as it is located next to the main way in the game.

What is the map fragments in Elden Ring?

Research and discoveries play a huge role in Elden Ring. This is because the game is not structured in such a way that it was obvious where players should go to what moments of history. This makes an in-game card with a useful tool that helps to navigate and find the next large dungeon or boss.

Elden Ring | All Map Fragments Location before Final Area
To effectively explore the card, the players will need to find the map fragments for this region. This will open a full map, showing the terrain and some attractions that players can find. Search for maps fragments is one of the most important actions in the game, especially in the earliest segments.

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