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In Destiny 2 it is all about two things: Loten and levels. The ego shooter of Bungie takes you to foreign planets, where you will shoot numerous aliens to save humanity and at the same time getting stronger weapons as well as armor parts for your character. You do that either alone or – ideally – cooperatively with friends. Of course, a PVP part may not be missing.

Destiny 2 starts with the supposed fall

The first Destiny had a heavy stood for a long time at the players, lacking it to him on end-class content, on the other hand, the title had many problems in storytelling and playful variety. Only with the add-on “King of the possessed” improved the situation. At the successor Destiny 2, Bungie wanted to do everything right from the start. The action game offers a story campaign that begins that the kabale of the “Red Legion” attack the last city on earth, seize itself of the traveler and steal the guards.

Destiny 2 starts for you and all the other guards on anything but good. But you do not let you go down. In the course of the campaign you get your powers back and help form the resistance to the cabal and your leader Dominus Ghaul. In addition to the main missions, Destiny 2 offers various co-missions in various areas and hidden mini-dungeons, making it a lot to do in the game world. The public events, which were already in its part by the game, must not be missing.

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Challenges in the PvE and PVP

If you played through the story, it’s really going on in Destiny 2. From then you are open to all strikes (dungeons) and you can earn access to the RAID. In addition, there would be the PVP in the so-called crucible. Here you are trying in team-based battles against other players and proves your skills with the gamepad or mouse and keyboard. Because the shooter Destiny 2 is not only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also the PC – that was not the case with the first part.

Destiny 2


Grand Shooter Gameplay

Spectacular staged campaign

Loten and levels motivated

Chic graphic

Great soundtrack


Not enough endgame content

To Simple Skill System

4/5 stars

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