No emergency aid for FC Bayern? Doubts about Gravenberch

For weeks, the rumors stubbornly stay that FC Bayern is interested in a commitment to Ryan Gravenberch by Ajax Amsterdam. However, an expert does not believe that the midfield Youngster would quickly help the dealers.

“Is he a direct reinforcement from the present time? I doubt me,” explained ex-Bundesliga player Jan-Aage Fjörtoft from “Image TV” to the supposed interest of Bayern to Gravenberch.

However, that the German record champion should have stretched out the sensors to Gravenberch, but does not surprise the Norwegian. “With money you will always lose against the other clubs. That’s why you have to win such talents,” says Fjörtoft. Therefore, it is interesting to see who the Bayern will endeavor.

Ryan Gravenberch • Welcome to Bayern München 2022
Fundamental doubts in the fortune of Gravenberch does not have Fjörtoft, but still sees improvement in the Dutch international. The 19-year-old remind him “Paul Pogba”, explained ex-attacker Fjörtoft. “He’s a box-to-box player. A player with a good first contact. Sometimes he has a little too many touches. He is a talent. He goes into the Ajax school, that’s a great education for all footballers “

FC Bayern will have to pay transfer

In poker for Gravenberch, however, there should be another big hurdle: the transfer.

Ajax is supposed to claim at least 25 million euros for his gem, a not small amount that the FC Bayern is not likely to throw lightly in the ring in view of the consequences of the Corona crisis.

Gravenberch has been set since the last season in the midfield of the Amsterdamer. In the current season, the 1.90 m-man already played 32 mandatory matches (1 gate, 4 templates) for Ajax, 27 of them from the beginning. His contract in the Dutch capital ends in the summer of 2023. That he leaves AJAX then free-return, Gravenberch castle.