Elden Ring: Players catch their beautiful hitbox

HITBOXEN In from Software games, such a thing and who is on the side of the hit, certainly likes to convict the technique: you remember only on the handle of the Ogers from Sekiro, who could really catch a felt everywhere. Of course, Elden Ring has such hitboxes, but simultaneously delivers the perfect-precise opposite.

ATTENTION SPOILER! In the following article you can see some gifs to opponents and bosses from Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,99 € / 50,99 €) . Do not read more if you do not want to spoil the surprise and maybe you’re in the beginning!

Many players have already experienced moments, in which immediately strikes how exactly some hitboxes match the displayed movements: a weapon art or a jump attack , for example, bring you to the dily and let yourself be so close to certain severity strikes of the opponent evade. How beautiful this can look, now show first gifs .

A true eyes: damage avoidance thanks to point-accurate hitboxes

Our first example comes from the fight against the boss Margit, the cruel times , who expects you at the beginning of castle storm veil. For most players, the first story-end opponent is a true chunk, who quickly sends you to the boards with his long combos.


Each player should therefore be happy if the attacks only hurt if they really meet optically and the damage is missing when they go to the emptiness. The embedded GIF shows how it goes right: the jump attack with the anchor brings the player into his knees, which is why the horizontal blow from Margit is missing his hair width.

The player also happened to the player with our next example. Here someone fights against a normal soldier who also wants to share damage with a horizontal stroke. With the weapons art “pounding” the player lands exactly under the attack of the soldier, can dodge the damage and promotes him with a counterattack in the air.

Even in the fight against the Story-Boss Rennella, Queen of the Full Mond, precise hitboxes are beneficial. Nice so, if one misses the dodge again by a slow reaction and nevertheless not hit by attack, because the rod flies out exactly around one.

Our last example is again dealing with a weapon art that also seems very useful in the boss fight against the Crucible Knight . If the timing is right, you can also prevent a hit here by putting your weapons art at the right moment, squatting and escaping the attack.

Not that Elden Ring does not have any other from software games his questionable Hitboxes, where you are sure that the attack has just not met and you still collect damage. But who would not spend generously over such trifles at the sight of the Gifs embedded here? The devil is just in detail!

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