Boycott of the playoffs against Russia: Lewandowski supports decision

Wide Boycott front against Russia in the World Cup playoffs: The Polish, the Swedish and Czech Football Association, in view of the advancement of Russian troops in Ukraine do not want to compete with World Cup Quali Games against Russia. That was announced by the associations on the weekend.

After Poland and Sweden had already reported Boycott execution on Saturday, the Czech Association continued on Sunday and announced that they did not want to compete for a possible duel against the Russians.

The game of Poland on the way to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is scheduled for the 24th of March in Moscow. “Enough the words, it’s time to act,” wrote the Polish Association President Cezary Kulesza: “Due to the aggression of Russia in Ukraine, Poland does not plan to compete against the Russian team. That’s the only right decision.”

The winner of the duel between Russia and Poland should then meet the Czech Republic or Sweden, which stand in the round before.

The World Association FIFA has not been coming up so far. You conduce “the use of violence through Russia”, with a view of the World Cup qualification, the FIFA wanted “watching the situation”.

World Cup playoffs: Lewandowski signed Boykott

In addition to the Polish President Andrzej Duda (“and right. With bandits you do not play”) Starstürmer Robert Lewandowski also supported this decision.

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On Twitter he wrote: “I can not imagine playing a game against the Russian national team when the armed aggression continues in Ukraine.” Although the Russian footballers and fans are not responsible for this, “but we can not do that as nothing happens”.