Sane is Schalkes standard

Salif Sané is the perfect target player when it comes to high in corners or free kicks. Especially since the royal blue with Thomas Ouwejan have an outstanding expert for resting balls in their ranks. But not only the goal balance Sanés has been sobering since his comeback after a monthly injury break with zero seasonals. It is noticeable that he does not even come to header opportunities, at least not very often.

Leroy Sane’s unbelievable free kick against Schalke (20/02/19)

Grammozis: “Alone because of his stature Salif represents something”

“Alone because of his stature, Salif represents something,” says coach Dimitrios Grammozis. It is “clear” that the opponent “focuses on him”. That in turn means that someone else is “possibly neglected. So Sané should not only radiate goals hazard, but lead the opponent to the mistake.

Sané is Schalke’s standard sequence target players in the penalty area – the respective shooter, usually Ouwejan, does not first seek the 31-year-old. Because Ouwejans are a lot more dangerous in case of doubt, if they do not sail in classical heights in the target area.

But the opponents should not rely on the distraction maneuvers of the defense player. Maybe Ouwejan is already circulating on Saturday against the Karlsruher SC (13.30 clock, live! At Dimitrios Grammozis) a ball but right on Sané…

More on this topic read in the Thursday edition of the Dimitrios Grammozis (already as emagazine from Wednesday evening). In addition, the curious penalty fleaness of the FC Schalke.